Equity Investment Methodology

Domestic, International, High Dividend, and Multi-Asset Strategies

Our portfolio management team leverages the resources of our internal equity research team in conjunction with external institutional international advisors to provide a comprehensive equity strategy for private clients.

U.S. Core Equities 

The U.S. Core Equity Strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in large and medium capitalization companies that are domiciled in the U.S. A core tenet of the strategy is that industry selection is the key to producing strong risk-adjusted returns. The U.S. Core Equity team seeks to identify top industries to invest in as a result of the firm’s macro-outlook, proprietary quantitative research, and fundamental industry analysis. Security selection is guided by this industry view and is derived from a multi-disciplinary process combining quantitiative research, as well as in-depth fundamental research. We seek to invest in companies that possess strong fundamentals including: quality of management, competitive market position, sound balance sheets, strong cash flow, and attractive earnings growth. Risk management is embedded in our portfolio construction process with a focus on low tracking error, limits to industry and stock sizes, and sell disciplines.

U.S. Core Equity Investment Philosophy


High Dividend 

The strategies focus on higher-than-average dividend paying stocks from companies with stable, recession-resistant cash flows and strong dividend histories.

International Equities

Our portfolio management team subscribes to a country allocation approach to core international equity investing. Research has demonstrated that a significant portion of international returns can be attributed to the country allocation decision.

Emerging Markets 

The goal of Emerging Markets (EMs) is to generate long-term capital appreciation in Asian EMs and provide U.S. investors with the opportunity to invest in otherwise inaccessible, locally listed all-cap companies. The portfolio management team is dedicated to EM Asia, specifically China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. City National Rochdale’s domain knowledge, on-the-ground presence, and in-depth, bottom-up research are key to success in exploiting EM equity market investment opportunities.

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