Alternative Investments

Non-Traditional Strategies for Private Client Portfolios

City National Rochdale offers a full range of non-traditional alternative investment strategies tailored for private client portfolios. Investing in alternative investments requires a deep understanding of the strategies, structures, and exposures these non-traditional investment opportunities provide private client portfolios.

Our capabilities in non-traditional strategies include:

  • Absolute Return Strategies
  • Fixed Income Strategies
  • High Yield Asset Strategies
  • Global Macro Strategies
  • Multi-Manager Strategies
  • Total Return Strategies
  • Natural Resources Strategies
  • Offshore Strategies


Benefits of Alternative Investments

Alternatives for Return Enhancement and Risk Reduction

City National Rochdale provides its advisor partners and private clients access to an array of alternative strategies with the goal of adding value by raising the risk/return profile of the portfolios that we manage. Private clients can add greater diversification to their portfolios by supplementing traditional stock and bond holdings with non-correlated, alternative strategies.

Overview of Alternative Investments

A Primer on Hedge Funds and Other Alternative Strategies

Alternative Investments are often misunderstood by investors. In an extension of our core tenet of investment innovation, City National Rochdale has developed and allocated towards strategies for suitable private clients to take advantage of opportunities that non-traditional assets and investment strategies provide. Strategy exposures will vary during different market cycles and we tend to be opportunistic when determining exposures to such non-traditional strategies.

The information presented does not involve the rendering of personalized investment, financial, legal or tax advice. Nothing presented herein is an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any of the securities mentioned herein. Any opinions, projections, forecasts and forward looking statements presented herein are valid on as of the date of these documents and are subject to change. Alternative investments are speculative and may entail substantial risks. As with all investments, there is no guarantee that investment objectives will be met and investors may lose money investing in this strategy.

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