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Market Perspectives: May 2018

posted 5/15/2018

Market Perspectives, written by our Chief Investment Officer, Matthew Peron, highlights City National Rochdale’s view of current issues affecting the financial markets.

For now, steady economic growth, muted inflation, and exceptionally strong corporate profits have helped overcome investor concerns about rising rates, an overheating economy, trade wars, and other geopolitical issues.

Read more in this issue of Market Perspectives.

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Since the Great Recession offi cially ended in
2009, the U.S. economy has stumbled through
fi ve years of subpar growth, confounding economists,
politicians, and most importantly, those
looking for work. Only last month did the
number of people employed in the U.S. economy
fi nally exceed the level prior to the downturn –
and that ignores the 15 million people that have
reached working age in the interim. Despite
unprecedented eff orts by the Federal Reserv

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